Friday, November 25, 2011

Kleenex and Real Booze

I had the privilege of witnessing one of my daughter's firsts today.  We rode the Vancouver Sky Train for the first time together while my husband drew the inside of the train for one of his art classes.  Gwen and I sat there (well, she stood- better for looking out the window), watching as all the buildings, trees, birds, and cars went by.  Her new favourite word is "sky".  It's mildly mispronounced, coming out as "kai", but we both know what she means.  She points up to the blue, or in Vancouver's case, grey sky above us and looks at me with pride as she identifies an element of her surroundings.  It is adorable.  I am so in love with my baby girl that every smile she gives me makes my heart melt.  When the train started moving for the first time, she looked at me with these giant eyes that expressed so much: excitement, apprehension, wonder, and trust.  She knew that everything would be ok because I was there with her.

There is a comfort that we cannot get anywhere else on this planet other than from our Mothers.  I am blessed to have 3 mothers in my life.  I have my Mom, who brought me into this world, my Step-mom, who has been a part of my life since I was 5, and my Mother-in-law, who I have had the pleasure of being joined to through my husband (it's always a relief when you get an awesome Mother-in-law).  Despite my love and respect for my Step-mom and my Mother-in-law, there is just no greater comfort in the world than my Mom.  The beautiful woman who birthed me and fed me from her body; who took care of me when I was sick; who sacrificed sleep, money, time, and sometimes sanity to raise me up into the woman I am today.  I was speaking with two of my older sisters this evening, Katie and Pam, and we had an amazing moment of honesty.  I broke down as I told them how much I want my Mommy with me at the hospital. I am very prepared mentally for my surgery, but there is no greater comfort here on Earth than a Mother. Pam reminded me that when I was in labour with my daughter, I asked for my Mom.  I remember a time when I was so sick during my 4th year of university that all I could do was cry for my Mom.   I am a strong, independent, competent woman, but when times are tough I am not too big to admit that I want my Mommy.

All this talk of motherly comfort really got us all tearing up pretty well.  Katie was silent for a bit and we asked her, "Hey! You still there?".  "I am," she replied, "I'm just grabbing a kleenex and some real booze..."

(Don't get me wrong.  I find a lot of comfort in others as well.  I love my Fathers and need their comfort.  I love my husband and I need his comfort.  I love my siblings and I need their comfort.  I love my God and I couldn't survive without His comfort.  Apparently I have a great need for comfort...)

I hope you are having a Blessed Day!  Call your Mommy and tell her how much she means to you!

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