Sunday, January 29, 2012


Ok, I realize this is my 3rd posting today.  I think all the fun I had last night has unlocked a portion of my brain and I just want to share everything!

I just wanted to give a quick update about the fertility stuff.  I know some people, my family especially, are anxious to hear some results.  They managed to get 10 eggs from the retrieval (which isn't bad considering we started the whole process late).  Out of those 10, only 8 were viable for fertilization.  Out of those 8, 7 of them were successfully fertilized.  All 7 of those grew to the stage where they can be frozen for future use!  Yay!

(Statistically, only about 60-70% will survive the freezing and then only 1 in every 3 is typically successful in implanting)

It is day 6 since my port-a-cath insertion and I am still hurting quite a bit.  This is not normal, but I've had it checked out and it is not infected.  They think it may be because I am fairly thin so there really isn't a fatty tissue layer to cushion the implant from aggravating the muscle/nerves.  Please pray for a relief from the pain.

I still do not have a set date for chemo.  It should be solidified this week (hopefully!).

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