Monday, January 2, 2012

So Long 2011!

I know most people do their reflective blogs/articles at the tail end of the year, but I'm always a little fashionably late, so here it is.  I've decided to do my top 5 biggest moments in 2011.  They are not all good moments, but hey, this is what life brought my way this year.  So, without further ado, let's begin!

5.  Diagnosed with Cancer:

'Tis the big negative one, so I figured we should just get it out of the way.  November 21st, 2011 is a date that I won't soon forget.  That was the day that I sat in my specialist's office and was told for sure, without a doubt, that I had colon cancer.  What a drag.  I could have gone my whole life without hearing those words, but alas, it was me that the big "C" decided to come for.  I believe that was also the day that I began this blog, so maybe that day wasn't all bad for me!

4.  My 30th Birthday:

May 27th was the day I was welcomed into the 30+ club.  Every woman that I've talked to says the same thing: 30 is the age when women bloom.  It would seem that women really come into their own once they hit 30.  It's like we become comfortable with who we are; we've figured ourselves out to the extent that we can now work at a greater capacity than in our 20s.  I looked forward to turning 30, and despite the fact that my 30's thus far have not been the greatest health wise, I continue looking forward to the next decade.

3.  My Daughter's 1st Birthday:

Gwen will only turn one once.  How could it not be one of the biggest moments of the year?  It was a beautiful sunny day.  We had a very intimate family bbq, Gwen made a mess of her Spiderman cake, and she tried to strangle her new Elmo doll.  It was a lovely day for a lovely little girl.  It's amazing to look back on the first year of a child's life and see how much they've learned and grown.  I feel very blessed to be a part of Gwen's life and I look forward to sharing many more birthdays with her.

2.  Mike Starts School:

This could well be one of the biggest things to happen in Mike's life, and by association, my life.  We sold our big, spacious house so that we could afford to put Mike through school.  He is currently studying VFX and looks forward to a long and prosperous career in that field.  We hope that the couple years of sacrifice (living in a smaller place) will be well worth the gain at the end of the schooling.  I love to see Mike passionately pursuing an interest.  It's a wonderful thing to watch and see his world expand as he gains knowledge in his new field.

1.  I Directed My First Film

This was definitely my crowning achievement of the year, on a career level.  I have directed theatre for several years now, but I had never had the opportunity or, to be honest, the nerve to direct film.  When the opportunity presented itself, I boldly stepped into the role despite all my fears and insecurities.  Fortunately I had an amazing team to work with who had my back every step of the way.  I LOVED the experience and definitely look forward to my next film directorial project.

So, here's to everything that 2012 will bring; the good and the bad.  The good makes us feel, well...good!  And the bad, well it helps us grow and become fuller and hopefully better people.  I wish you and yours many blessings and much love this year!

(I have one more honourable mention... I went to the Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals between Vancouver and Boston.  It was incredible.  I witnessed sports history!  I'm glad we got out of Dodge when we did though...stupid rioters...)

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