Friday, March 9, 2012

Me All Hooked Up

Here are some photos that I took my first round of chemo and I am finally getting around to posting them.  I wanted to introduce you all to my pump and my super cool chemo "look".  Here goes!

This is me in my super comfy pj's.  I basically wear these for 2 days straight.  I'm not allowed to shower. Boooooooo.

Everyone, meet my pump.  Most people call him Baxter.  I'm still undecided as to his name.  Yes, the liquid inside the balloon is toxic chemicals.  It is very hard to break open the outer shell.  Makes me want to try.... mwaahahahahahaahaha.

This is me all hooked up.  The circular thing on the left is the needle that clips onto my port-a-cath.  The white thing on the right is basically a temperature sensitive drip which moderates how fast the chemo drugs are going into me.  The hotter I get, the faster it goes.  That's why I don't wear make-up while I'm hooked up.  It makes me way too hot.  ;)


  1. Hi Annette and family, you have a wonderful spirt, alive and very positive, never lose it, okay. Luv Bob & Terri

  2. Ha Ha old guy on lap top, trying to figure out how to communicate on blog ! Just to let you know that you are never alone on your journeys. Being Jade's dad, YOU are family to both Terri and I, Just had my 1 year check up from doing chemo, all good ! ! :) :) Everyone creats a ripple effect in life, and you have more support then you can possibly immagine!!! All my friends I've told about you and there friends, and there friends, etc, are praying for you and your family, as had happened to me a year ago when I got cancer. Embrace it, It's awesome!!! I AM A CANCER SURVIVOR AND SO ARE "YOU", :) :) Please include me into your adventure and journey, if you need to ask any questions, just want someone to compare symtoms, anything, "anything"! please call me anytime, email,etc, Katie has all my contact info. Hey, Ha Ha, I have a new nickname, NEUT, see if ya can figure it out :) :) :) Life is good, enjoy every moment :) :) Hugs to all Bob & Terri